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When the Chips Are Down, ‘Maverick’ McCain Shoots Blanks | Dick Polman

I got tired of John McCain’s phony “maverick” act a long time ago, and his hypocritical performance on the Senate floor this week reminded me… Continue reading

What Will it Take for Republicans to Say Enough is Enough? | Dick Polman

Kudos to Reed Galen — a lifelong Republican, veteran of three presidential campaigns, son of former Republican operative Rich Galen — for articulating the obvious… Continue reading

Trump’s Media Flunky Thought ‘He Walked on Water’ | Dick Polman

With Trump on foreign soil attacking the free and independent press (CNN “has been faking news for a long time,” while NBC “is equally bad”),… Continue reading

JFK’s Advice for Trump About the Press | Dick Polman

We’re well aware, of course, that tinpot authoritarian Donald Trump is allergic to the First Amendment. But he has spent much of this week stoking… Continue reading

Republican Robin Hoods Take from the Poor, Give to the Rich | Dick Polman

Here’s a question for all the Democratic-leaning voters who abstained last fall - the ones who stayed home, spurned Hillary, skipped the down-ballot candidates and… Continue reading

Let’s Play Ball on Gun Reform | Dick Polman

Sometimes the irony is so thick, you can’t cut it with a laser. House Republicans had long planned to hold a hearing on Wednesday on… Continue reading

What Republicans are Ignoring About Comey’s Testimony | Dick Polman

James Comey’s sworn Senate testimony basically confirms what anyone with a smidgen of mental cognition has known since day one — that Donald Trump is… Continue reading

Trump Bridges the Partisan Divide. Just Not Ours | Dick Polman

Isn’t it awesome how Donald Trump brings people together, bridges the partisan divide, and inspires political parties to set aside their differences and unite for… Continue reading

Yet Another Impeachable Offense | Dick Polman

Forgive my frequent references to Richard Nixon. It’s just eerie how his impeachable behavior is being replicated by the current con man. As Yogi Berra… Continue reading

In Defense of The New York Times’ New Climate Skeptic | Dick Polman

I rise today to defend Bret Stephens, the new conservative columnist at The New York Times. Readers who were incensed by his Saturday debut —… Continue reading

Trump’s Broken Promise Could Break Another Promise | Dick Polman

Smoke has been billowing skyward from the Trumpster fire for nearly 100 days - I know, it feels more like 100 weeks - and his… Continue reading

Is Bill O’Reilly Too Big To Fail? | Dick Polman

Fox News, where women work at their own risk in a misogynist culture frozen somewhere in the 1950s, is back in crisis mode. Nine months… Continue reading

Moscow on the Potomac | Dick Polman

The White House says that Donald Trump won’t throw out the first ball at the Washington Nationals’ home opener. He supposedly has a “scheduling conflict”… Continue reading

A Big Little Lie From Fox-Trump Media | Dick Polman

Sometimes it’s possible to tell a big story in few words — as evidenced by an episode earlier this week that nicely illustrates this president’s… Continue reading

No, Obama is Not Plotting a ‘Treasonous Coup’ | Dick Polman

We’re all well acquainted with the fake news phenomenon — the Trumpian sewage that’s routinely pumped into the brains of the dumb and numb. But… Continue reading

Republicans Have Lost Their Appetite to Investigate | Dick Polman

To best understand the Republican mentality on Capitol Hill — specifically, their disgraceful refusal to probe the Trump-Russia national security scandal with even a scintilla… Continue reading

On the Supreme Court, Democrats Simply Lost | Dick Polman

When Senate Republicans decided last year to ditch their constitutional duty — by stiffing President Obama’s eminently qualified Supreme Court nominee, denying him even the… Continue reading

Will the Men in the White Coats Drag Trump Away? | Dick Polman

Check out the 25th Constitutional Amendment. A vice president, working with a “majority of either the principle officers of the executive departments, or of such… Continue reading

Too Sleazy Even for the Trump Swamp | Dick Polman

As an unpopular charlatan prepares to place his hand on a Bible (of all things) with the lowest-ever approval rating for an incoming president, and… Continue reading

Trump is Sabotaging His Own Presidency | Dick Polman

During Wednesday’s choleric press conference, Donald Trump compared the intelligence community to the Nazis. Not a good idea. Actually, Trump has been trash-talking the intel… Continue reading