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Mother’s Day: Unsung Heroines Get The Spotlight | TYRADES!

This year my mother (still going strong at age 88) marks 50 years as an antique collector. Since I grew up in a world of hand-stitched quilts, milk churns, Depression glass and yellowing Montgomery Ward catalogues, I have learned to appreciate the classics.

Are You Ready For A Diet Of Insects? TYRADES!

When I was a 6-year-old lad lusting over the "ant farm" advertisements in 12-cent comic books, I had no idea how ahead-of-their-time those ads were.

The Looming Water Crisis: Cry Me A River (Please!) | TYRADES!

All day I faced the barren wastes without the taste of water... - The Sons of the Pioneers

It’s Not A War On Easter, But… | TYRADES!

As my family prepares to celebrate Easter 2015, I feel overwhelmed by the changes the holiday has undergone in both religious and secular terms. Perhaps it's the haze of passing years that prejudices me, but it seems that the holiday has declined greatly in innocence and reverence since the days I was hugging my stuffed bunny and fighting my cousins for festive eggs in Granny Tyree's front yard.

US Combat Forces In Vietnam: The Fiftieth Anniversary | TYRADES!

One of my late father's favorite trick questions was, "What does a cat learn if it jumps on a hot stove burner?"

The Sound Of Music Turns 50 | TYRADES!

If you watched this year's Academy Awards, you probably know that March 2 marks the 50th anniversary of the U.S. debut of the beloved film "The Sound Of Music."

Are You Dying To Write Your Own Obituary? TYRADES

Are you an unsung hero? Do those you encounter not appreciate the "real" you? Must you always having the last word? Then you might be interested in the new trend spotted by USA Today: self-penned obituaries, also known as "selfie obits" or "autobituaries."

Edwin Lewis Tyree: The Untold Story | TYRADES!

At last, the story can be told! February 11 marks the 15th anniversary of my father's fatal heart attack. Time has erased much of the sting, but every day I find myself blurting out one Dad phrase or another (such as "There's no such thing as a simple job" or "Hubba hubba, man — let's hubba hubba"). As Paul Overstreet sang, "I'm beginning to see my father in me."

Valentine’s Day: No ‘Tipping’ Allowed | TYRADES!

The internet is really wasted on me and wife Melissa around Valentine's Day. If you do a news search for "Valentine's Day," there are tips, hints, reminders, suggestions, pointers and guilt trips aplenty — but none that really mesh with our lifestyle.

Protest Songs: Where Has All The Common Sense Gone? TYRADES!

According to an essay published by New America Foundation (and reprinted on "Time" magazine's website), protest songs are enjoying a resurgence, after falling below society's radar for a few years.

Would You Pay $80 An Hour For Hugs? TYRADES

On second thought, maybe I should discourage my son from pursuing a career in engineering.

The Battle of New Orleans: The Anniversary | TYRADES!

Just a reminder: Jan. 8 marks the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans, the last major encounter of The War of 1812.

Empty Seats At The Christmas Table | TYRADES!

I'm writing one of my infrequent serious columns, because I realize there is more to Christmas than non-stop holly jolly mirth.

Christmas Parades: Let The Fighting Begin | TYRADES!

My little sixth-grader Gideon just participated in his first Christmas parade (riding a float for the Westhills Elementary School Honors Club), and a good time seemed to be had by all; but curmudgeon that I am, I wanted to peek at the dark underbelly of the tradition.

Net Neutrality, Pet Neutrality, Whatever | TYRADES!

Usually when a burning issue arises, I feel compelled to squeeze every last drop of my own phrasing, logic and wit into this limited space.

De-Cluttering Your House, And Other Subversive Acts | TYRADES!

As the old Tyree luck would have it, I was near the end of my month-long exile from work (following laser prostate surgery) before I stumbled across the book "5 Days To A Clutter-Free House: Quick, Easy Ways To Clear Up Your Space."

Nylon Hose: Celebrating A 75-Year ‘Run’ | TYRADES!

A garment that has elicited a lot of wolf whistles is turning 75 years old.

Pet Hospices: Teaching Old Owners New Tricks | TYRADES!

For those arriving late: I love to sink my teeth into the newest silly fad and satirize it until it resembles something the cat dragged in.

Gilligan’s Island Turns 50: A Shipwreck of A Column | TYRADES

Just sit right back and you'll endure a tale... September 26 marks the 50th anniversary of the classic TV sitcom "Gilligan's Island."

Carbon Pawprint: Should Pets Be Banned? TYRADES

Could it be that the "elephant in the room" is literally an elephant in the room?