Danny Tyree

Best And Worst States For Children Revealed | TYRADES!

What's it like to be a child in your state? A six-year study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation assessed states on factors such as economic well-being, education, health, family and community.

Will Hollywood Officially Switch To Artificial Intelligence? | TYRADES!

Remember classic Hollywood films in which someone like Mickey Rooney or Judy Garland gushed, "C'mon, gang, let's get a Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) Neural Network to put on a show"?

Father’s Day: Things Your Dad Never Told You | TYRADES!

The demands of fatherhood (okay, and a cracked vertebra) have left me too distracted to string together a coherent Father's Day essay, so instead I'm sharing 14 random thoughts about the occasion.

Married 25 Years – And Loving It | TYRADES!

For the sake of my son Gideon (age 12), I strain my brain each week to make this column something zany and irreverent instead of soberly persuasive.

Would President Hillary Clinton Spill Area 51 Secrets? | TYRADES!

According to a May 11 United Press International news story, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton promised a radio interviewer that, if elected, she would release government records related to Area 51.

Should Corporations Sponsor National Parks? | TYRADES!

Whether I was a preschooler hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a young adult spelunking in Kentucky's Mammoth Cave or a father introducing his son to Shiloh National Military Park, I always felt I could enjoy America's treasures without too much intrusion from Madison Avenue.

Decoration Day: Yes That’s Still A Thing | TYRADES!

According to the Encyclopedia of Alabama website, Decoration Day is "an annual observance at many privately owned Southern graveyards, during which families gather to clean up the graveyard, reconnect with family and honor the memories of their ancestors."

How Long Before We Start Taxing Churches? | TYRADES!

Shall we gather at the guillotine? Shall we gather at the guillotine?

Shakespeare’s Death: The 400th Anniversary | TYRADES!

To satirize, or not to satirize. That is the question.

Animal Lovers: The ASPCA Turns 150! | TYRADES!

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I've been living it down since I was 9 or 10 years old.

Would You Hire Someone To Break Up With Your Lover? | TYRADES!

I'm guessing my late father felt more empathy for me than he let on, back in 1981 when my girlfriend unceremoniously broke up with me.

Sobering Study: Is Moderate Drinking Overrated? | TYRADES!

"Tell me, Hank, whyyyyyy do you drink...?" In one of his signature songs, country music superstar Hank Williams, Jr. uses "family tradition" to answer that question; but for the past several years, lots of other people have answered "for my health."

Are Expired Foods Your Future Diet? | TYRADES!

I really should be prejudiced against this week's topic, but I'm not.

Tornado Research Isn’t Just Whistling Dixie | TYRADES!

You can double-check me on this — but when Phil Harris recorded "That's What I Like About The South," he never once made mention of tornadoes.

Parents, Learn That Teen Slang – If You Dare | TYRADES!

Far out! Only a jive turkey would pass up the chance to read the Huffington Post article "14 Teen Slang Terms Decoded For Middle-Age Parents."

Fantasy Novels: Proceed With Caution | TYRADES!

It's time to do some quality control on elves, goblins and trolls.

Get Enough Sleep – Or Else | TYRADES!

Let's face it: The only thing more pathetic than hosting a pity party is having to shoo the visitors away from your pity party by 7 p.m.

Will We Recognize The Sports World In 25 Years? | TYRADES!

USA Today recently reported on the release of "The Future of Sports," a 50-page document commissioned by sports concessionaire Delaware North to take some guesswork out of planning for impending developments in the industry.

Fear-Free Veterinary Clinics: Barking Up The Right Tree? | TYRADES!

According to ABC News, a growing number of veterinarians work in "fear-free" clinics.

Needed: Songs That Age With The Listener | TYRADES!

The obituaries for rock star David Bowie waxed eloquent over his ability to change, evolve, reinvent and metamorphosize.