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Darius Rucker, New Experiences And You | Tyrades!

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” When I heard Darius Rucker’s invitation to spontaneity on my car radio, I… Continue reading

Save Your Back, While There Is Still Time! | Tyrades!

I have witnessed my 13-year-old son Gideon wrestle with his unwieldy school backpack often enough to nod knowingly when I encountered the NBC News story… Continue reading

They Grow Up So Quickly – Or Do They??? | Tyrades!

According to Agence France-Presse (AFP) news service, researchers have found what they call a “broad-based cultural shift” in teen behavior. Writing in the journal “Child… Continue reading

Gay or Straight? The Computer (Thinks It) Knows! | Tyrades!

According to “Newsweek” and MSNBC, Stanford University researchers have reported startling accuracy in predicting sexual orientation by using artificial intelligence (AI) analysis of facial features… Continue reading

Network TV: Does It Deserve To Live? | Tyrades!

I am tickled to continue my 43-year tradition of obtaining the Fall Preview “TV Guide,” but Associated Press TV critic Frazier Moore seems despondent about… Continue reading

Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses Yearning To Play Lottery | Tyrades!

A couple of years ago I was a pallbearer for a fellow in denial about his gambling addiction, so I viewed with interest the Wall… Continue reading

Labor Day 2037: Expect The Unexpected | Tyrades!

Will Labor Day be recognizable in another 20 years? Certainly, changes in culture, politics and technology will affect the love-hate relationship between capital and labor.Dizzying… Continue reading

Remembering The King of the Comic Books | Tyrades!

Duos. When I was growing up in the Sixties, I depended on Huntley and Brinkley for the news, Flatt and Scruggs for bluegrass music, Rowan… Continue reading

The Total Solar Eclipse: One Curmudgeon’s Opinion | Tyrades!

Have you purchased your $500 bottle of Solar Red Wine? It’s one of countless products created to cash in on the total solar eclipse that… Continue reading

Elvis: Has He Really Been Gone 40 Years? | Tyrades!

When I think about the 40th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley (August 16), it seems we were living in a completely different world… Continue reading

Who Knew Dogs Could Keep You So Healthy? | Tyrades!

Alas, we haven’t been a “dog family” since we had to euthanize poor old Turpy; but a time.com article titled “More Evidence That Owning A… Continue reading

Parking Is Such Sweet Sorrow | Tyrades!

Believe it or not, my only college-era clash with school authorities erupted because the campus was experiencing growing pains. Your cash-strapped author received a ticket… Continue reading

Jury Duty: Honor Or Agony? | Tyrades!

“Ask not what you can do for your country; ask if that really persistent hangnail qualifies you to deep-six the summons.” - JFK’s evil twin.… Continue reading

Happy 200th Birthday, Henry David Thoreau! | Tyrades!

“Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.”… Continue reading

Low-Impact Dirt Naps: Are They Right For You? | Tyrades!

“Where have all the graveyards gone? Gone to flowers every one. Oh, when will they ever learn?”— Pete Seeger and Joe Hickerson. “Well, excuse me… Continue reading

Mr. Tyree Doesn’t Go To Washington | Tyrades!

June 2017 was supposed to be the month my 13-year-old son Gideon went to Washington, D.C. on a youth tour. For reasons that had nothing… Continue reading

Daddy, Don’t You Evolve So Fast | Tyrades!

While using social media to research this Father’s Day column, I came across two types of people. Many folks chuckled with recognition when a tweet… Continue reading

How Much Do You Hate Property Taxes? | Tyrades!

Many people in my hometown have been freaking out over their property tax appraisals, so it was timely that I discovered a Motley Fool article… Continue reading

1967’s ‘Summer of Love’: Did It Earn The Title? | Tyrades!

I’ve always chafed at the term “love child” being reserved for the product of an illicit affair, thus implying that children born into a stable,… Continue reading

Star Wars Turns 40: Nostalgia And Worries | Tyrades!

“Seemingly yesterday, at a location just a couple of miles from my current home…” For me, that seems more appropriate than “Long ago in a… Continue reading