Danny Tyree

Sobering Study: Is Moderate Drinking Overrated? | TYRADES!

"Tell me, Hank, whyyyyyy do you drink...?" In one of his signature songs, country music superstar Hank Williams, Jr. uses "family tradition" to answer that question; but for the past several years, lots of other people have answered "for my health."

Are Expired Foods Your Future Diet? | TYRADES!

I really should be prejudiced against this week's topic, but I'm not.

Tornado Research Isn’t Just Whistling Dixie | TYRADES!

You can double-check me on this — but when Phil Harris recorded "That's What I Like About The South," he never once made mention of tornadoes.

Parents, Learn That Teen Slang – If You Dare | TYRADES!

Far out! Only a jive turkey would pass up the chance to read the Huffington Post article "14 Teen Slang Terms Decoded For Middle-Age Parents."

Fantasy Novels: Proceed With Caution | TYRADES!

It's time to do some quality control on elves, goblins and trolls.

Get Enough Sleep – Or Else | TYRADES!

Let's face it: The only thing more pathetic than hosting a pity party is having to shoo the visitors away from your pity party by 7 p.m.

Will We Recognize The Sports World In 25 Years? | TYRADES!

USA Today recently reported on the release of "The Future of Sports," a 50-page document commissioned by sports concessionaire Delaware North to take some guesswork out of planning for impending developments in the industry.

Fear-Free Veterinary Clinics: Barking Up The Right Tree? | TYRADES!

According to ABC News, a growing number of veterinarians work in "fear-free" clinics.

Needed: Songs That Age With The Listener | TYRADES!

The obituaries for rock star David Bowie waxed eloquent over his ability to change, evolve, reinvent and metamorphosize.

Oregon Civil Disobedience: Will It Spread Nationwide? | TYRADES!

Have you taken sides in the eastern Oregon anti-government standoff?

The Top Stories of 2016: You Saw Them Here First | TYRADES!

This is not the year-end column I had intended to write.

Does Anyone Else Hate Doing Inventory? | TYRADES!

"A place for everything and everything in its place."

Christmas 2016: The Planning Begins Here | TYRADES!

If you're like most people, you get a warm holiday glow from donating to a Toys For Tots program, tossing money into the Salvation Army kettle or shoveling the snowy sidewalk of a neighborhood widow.

Star Wars Part VII: The Farce Awakens | TYRADES!

Ah, time — it travels faster than the Millennium Falcon.

Lennon Fans: 35 Years Later, We All Shine On | TYRADES!

Monday, December 8, 1980 started out as a good day for me.

Save Our High School Referees | TYRADES!

"Kill the umpire!" Although many regard such outbursts as being as American as baseball and apple pie, the tradition has taken a nasty turn in recent years.

Good Grief! A Charlie Brown Christmas Turns 50 | TYRADES!

Let's face it: "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (which reaches the half-century mark on December 9) was spawned in a whole different world.

America’s Grand Ole Opry Turns 90 | TYRADES!

News that the venerable "Grand Ole Opry" radio show turns 90 on November 28 starts my memories flowing.

In The Market To Rent A Mom? | TYRADES!

"Rent-a-Mom The Real Deal For Adults Needing Mother," blared a recent ABC News story.

Our Nation’s Veterans: Why They’re Special | TYRADES!

Make no mistake about it: every civilian who does his job conscientiously and delivers an honest day's work for an honest day's pay deserves a pat on the back.